Holiday residence Myllymatti

Myllymatti is located along the oldest hiking trail in North Carelia, Putkela-Petkeljärvi, and in an area that is protected by various national conservation programs. The holiday residence is also situated in the immediate surroundings of the Petkeljärvi National Park,which is one of the oldest national parks in Finland.

Price List

Day 150,00 €
Weekend 270,00 €
Week 540,00 €
Month 1250,00 €
Midsummer (25.6.-27.6.2021) 350,00 €
Additional winter charge(1.11.-31.3.) 30,00 €/day

From extra charge:

Linen: 10 €/person
Final cleaning: 50 €

Payment 6 weeks before check-in.
Reservation is confirmed, when the payment is received.



Pictures of Myllymatti

  • 110 m2 (downstairs 60 m2, upstairs 50 m2)
  • two spacious terraces (downstairs 35 m2, upstairs 7 m2)
  • fireplace, electric heating
  • fit for winter habitation
  • sauna (wood-heated), washroom, shower enclosure, WC
  • 3 bedrooms
    • beds for 8
    • pillows and quilts for 8
  • internet connection
  • kitchen equipment
    • electric cooker
    • fridge
    • microwave oven
    • coffee machine
    • set of dishes for 8
  • wood for the fireplace and sauna
  • radio/CD-player
  • rowing boat


  • Non-smoking
  • No animals indoors
  • No TV!


Surroundings of Myllymatti are shown in a 360 degree photo via this link

Address: Karvilantie 18, 82900 ILOMANTSI

Myllymatti is located about 7 km from the village of Ilomantsi.

Myllymatti is situated on the lake Myllylampi (70ha) and lake Iso-Suokko is on the other side of the moraine ridge that was formed during the ice age. There are also smaller bodies of water, which can be found on both sides of the ridges. The main species of fish inhabiting these waters are perch and pike but species such as white fish, pikeperch and vendace can also be caught in the bigger lakes.

The forests around the ridges are generally dry and some of the most common plants are lingonberry and heather where as the lakeside areas are damper and the vegetation features blueberries among others. Within close range there are also vast bog lands with hummocks of cloudberries and cranberries.

The hiking trail Taitajan Taival continues approximately 20 kilometers to the south towards Petkeljärvi. The first camping shelter is located at Hiisilampi, which can be reached after five kilometers from Myllymatti. Towards north the first shelter is after three kilometers at Linnanlampi continuing 10 kilometers further to Mekrijärvi.

More information of Ilomantsi and its services is available at

Services in Ilomantsi are also shown in a 360 degree photo via this link